• Preconstruction Services

    • Design-Development Services

      We provide these services during early conceptual design to develop a scheme that will meet the owner’s needs and stay within the project budget. Establishment of a preliminary design and construction schedule identifies milestones to be met by all members of the design team during the development of the project to keep the project moving ahead as planned. By establishing an initial baseline budget, and performing budget reviews as the construction documents are developed, we can keep the project budget in check and on track.
    • Construction Systems

      We provide the design team cost analysis of alternative construction systems, and recommendations on materials and designs to produce the most cost effective project without sacrificing quality, aesthetics, or the original design intent.
      This information is evaluated with the project schedule, looking at alternative phasing scenarios based on our experiences and the specific needs of our clients. Systems are reviewed factoring the long-term requirements and costs of maintenance, as well as the annual costs of the utility services to support them.
    • Phasing

      A critical path network schedule is established early in the design phase as a guideline to establish milestones to keep the project on track and measure the team’s progress. The specific needs of our clients, our crews and subcontractors are reviewed and the schedule is continually developed as the design progresses.
    • Governmental Agencies

      Brockamp & Jaeger is well established with all of the local jurisdictions within the Portland-Metro Area, Willamette Valley, and Southwest Washington. We have developed a reputation of quality and trust over the last 40 years with these jurisdictions. We can help the project team establish communications early in the process, assist with plan reviews and facilitate inspections to allow the construction phases of the project to flow smoothly.
    • Bidding Subpackages

      By developing strong relationships with local subcontractors and suppliers through many successful projects over the years, we have developed an extensive list of pre-qualified vendors to solicit competitive bids from on your project. A mutual trust between Brockamp & Jaeger, Inc. and our subcontractors assures us that we will get the best coverage on every project we bid.
      We work closely with the design team and create bid packages for each division of work on the project, carefully reviewing that items may be overlooked and missed in the bid.
  • Construction Services

    • Management/Supervision

      We are a mature firm with well-established management procedures. We successfully integrate proven construction management traditions with cutting edge technologies, including computerized estimating, scheduling, and reporting methods.
      We establish on-line networks between the main office and the jobsite to keep information current at both locations and expedite transfer of critical information. We encourage participation by MWESBE firms and we are an equal opportunity employer. We assist and advise MWESBE bidders interested in our work to enable them to participate.
    • Scheduling

      The project schedule is developed during the design phases with input from all team members. The schedule is finalized when we issue subcontracts and purchase orders to the selected subcontractors and suppliers, receiving their direct input and making them accountable for the success of the schedule.
      The schedule is then closely linked to the materials submittal reviews and fabrication/delivery schedules to provide a complete and accurate construction schedule. We review the schedule on a weekly basis, monitoring the progress toward each milestone. A 3-week look ahead schedule is presented and reviewed on a weekly basis with all team members, including subcontractors and suppliers. By monitoring the schedule closely, we are able to react quickly and make realistic assessments when problems arise to keep the project on track.
    • Field Personnel

      One of Brockamp & Jaeger’s strongest assets is its personnel. Brockamp & Jaeger, Inc. is proud to offer a selection of the best construction managers and craftsmen in the area. Each member of our team contributes to the success of our projects.
      Through on-going training and by recruiting the best possible people available, we can deliver the best service demanded by today’s construction industry. As construction methods and technologies evolve, we continually update our staff through training programs designed to keep our crews knowledgeable and experienced to help implement new systems as they are required.
      Our crews complete selective demolition, concrete work, steel erection, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, and specialty item installation.
    • Jobsite Safety

      Our company Safety Director has established policies for our safety program following OSHA guidelines and our Construction Drug-Free Workplace program. This ensures that our employees and subcontractors can perform their work in a safe environment.
      Brockamp & Jaeger, Inc. currently has a Worker’s Compensation Insurance Experience Modifier of .6, which provides the lowest possible rates available based on our excellent safety record.
    • Cost Control

      Our Project Managers and Accounting Department work together to provide up-to-the-minute reporting of all costs associated with the project. Using Primavera and Timberline management and accounting software, we accurately track all aspects of the project from inception to close-out. Through accurate and up-to-date reporting, we can detect any problems early and these situations can be quickly averted.